Is there anyway to sell used books?

I understand that used paper books have little to no market value these days, but is there any way to check to see if your books have any residual value at all before dumpstering?

Maybe donate to Goodwill or something similar for possible tax write off.

My local library used to take such books. Not sure if they still do.

You could search for the books on to see what they sell for there.

I’ve sold some books at an online auction house and came out ahead.

My husband donated his science books to an organization that sends textbooks overseas, you could look for one near you if you have technical books.

Our community library gets all of our used books (not that many any more since getting a Kindle). They put some on the shelves and sell some on ebay, amazon and at the library. Some get exchanged with other libraries and some get recycled. I don’t want to make their decision for them.

I wouldn’t even waste time trying to sell them, unless they are first edition collectibles.

The important thing is to keep them out of the landfill as long as possible ! Maybe give them away on Buy Nothing (Facebook group) or Craigslist/free. Some assisted living places have a library. You might have to wait for a response, but if they are books people might want to read, it’s better than putting them in a landfill. If they are textbooks, very few people will want them. Good luck!

Thanks all

I buy all of my books, used, over Ebay. Most are trade paperbacks, most in nearly new condition, too. The price is usually around the 5-6 dollar area with free, but slow, shipping. I donate most of the ones I’ve read to the local library, not that anyone goes to the library for books anymore it seems.

Take a Book. Share a Book. - Little Free Library

Fins a local used book store and sell/donate. Find a little free library to donate. Donate to your local library.

If there is a VA Hospital in your area, you could drop off some of them and there are also Senior Centers.

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