Should I replace a laser printer's drum unit if

…unwanted dots keep showing up on printed pages? Such dots are annoying, but I’d rather not have to replace the drum unit every several months.

I would first print test pages. The printer control panel will have that option. Then print several more to see if they are considtent, or lessoning.

No offense, but what do you mean by “consident” and “lessening”? What if the dots persist after printing ten blank pages or so?

Sorry. I meant if the same pattern or # of dots appear over and over, then a new drum is a possibility, If they continue to get less on following pages, maybe they will go away.

Also your printer control panel probably has a “clean” option, I would do that a few times.

I bet there are youtube videos on how to clean your printer so it doesn’t do that. Otherwise consider the cost of drum replacement. You can get a new Brother monochrome, WiFi, duplex laser printer for $110 at Walmart.

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I would completely agree with ole1845.

#PropofolMask… For this kind of tech help from the forum you’ll need to include the manufacturer’s name and the model number of the printer. There are way too many differences between makes and models to be of much help to you without that information.

On Brother Color Laser Printers, there are easy ways to clean the toner containers and elsewhere.
The only HP Laser I had was monochrome and had a large drum, but there was tsill ways to clean it.

As an aside, my Brother kept jamming on 2 sided printing. It turns out I had mistakenly gotten a ream of copy paper and not peinter paper. Printer paper is a bit thicker/heavier and changing paper solved it.

Check Youtube and Google for suggestions after describing the problem.

Also, most don’t know but SOME printers print hidden dots on each page containing the serial number or other identifying info. Don’t use printers to try to copy money :slight_smile: Machine Identification Code - Wikipedia

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Check if there is a Cartridge World near you. Store Locator - Ink & Toner | Printing Solutions | Printer Supplies (

I absolutely love them – For many years, I have gotten all of my cartridges and printer parts from them. They are very helpful with troubleshooting problems. They have my loyalty!

You might have dust on the glass or need a new fuser if this is a laser printer. Printer showcase in Marietta GA has a chat feature which is free and they can answer questions. I have used them for 20 years and are always willing to help