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I saw a nice article about coupons > dot > com by Clark > dot > com.

clark > dot > com > save-money > coupons > dot > com

As a new user it’s only allowing me to post two weblinks = >>>
I don’t see a coupon category so I’ll post under general discussion. If there is a better category maybe administrator can move my question.
I’ve printed from coupons > dot > com for years. Open the website, clip a coupon, click on print.

It opens a page asking for phone number to receive a text code. No issues for years. Then in the last 7-10 days after entering the code I get a page never seen before.

We need to verify this device before you can print by sending you an SMS text message with a verification code. We will not use or share your number for marketing purposes without your consent.

It’s pah.quotient >> com and asks for a user name and password. I don’t have one and visiting coupons>> dot >> com and quotient >> dot >> com there is no indication of needing to sign up. So I can not print using my Google Chrome browser or Microsoft Edge browser. I see no tech support help from the coupons >> dot >> com website only a feedback link. I sent a help question using that and no reply and I assume feedback to them does not reach tech support. So for the first time and several years we can not print from coupons dot com.

A computer friend said Quotient is making sure we don’t print more than 2 like coupons. Not news to us it’s been that way for years and the coupons dot com site has always enforced the limit without a third party. Maybe it was a third party we could not see. But now we do see quotient but we can not print any more.

Thanks for help.

I just tried to get on and print coupons, and you’re right, the process has definitely changed a bit! It looks like Quotient is the website’s parent organization. I used Google Chrome and was able to go to “printable coupons” and select a few, and when I clicked “print” I got the same prompt to verify the device with a verification code.

I did the text verification and it did let me print the coupons. It didn’t prompt me to create an account though- I never had to enter an email or username/password. I did see the prompt to sign in when I tried to visit directly, but you shouldn’t need to do that to print the coupons. I also didn’t see a limit on printable coupons- I hit “clip all” at the top of the printable coupons page and it organized them all into three coupons per print page.

I see that you’ve already tried a couple of different browsers; also, make sure that you do not have a VPN turned on (I get a lot of issues with verifications when mine is on). If you’re doing the verification code and still getting an error though, it could be an issue on the company’s end. I’m also not seeing a direct phone number or email to reach them, but I’m sure they’ll receive anything sent through their contact form ( printable and digital coupons).

So sorry you’re having trouble with printing the coupons- I know that’s frustrating, especially after it’s worked so smoothly for so long!

Hi, I did send feedback to coupons dot com and no reply. I was able to print normally a time or two earlier last week. Yesterday it happened again trying to use Chrome. I went to FireFox and it printed fine. The limit is 2 per coupon. So if you select all you will get all of them like you said 3 to a sheet. You could go back and print all a second time. After that “you have reached the limit” will show on all the coupons. I’m getting the texted codes fine and enter the code and the next click gets the quotient page. Last week when I printed fine from Google Chrome after entering the code the PDF file opened showing the coupon to be printed. When I have issues the PDF fails to open and that happened yesterday. It is interesting that Firefox works fine and Edge and Chrome browsers are when the quotient message pops up. With it working with Chrome last week I’ll consider it an intermittent issue. I also asked the question on a Facebook group which is coupons dot com. No reply from anyone who has (or does not have) the same problem. Thanks.

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