How to Search for Grocery Sales (2/22/2024 Podcast)

I’m behind on the podcast, so this may have already been addressed. On the 2/22/2024 episode, someone wrote in asking if there was an app or service where they could search for deals from their grocery stores so that they wouldn’t have to sift through 3-4 ad circulars to see if their favorite products were on sale. Clark said he wasn’t familiar and that this is a business opportunity.

These things have existed for years. One option is coupon blogs. I live in the Southeast, so Southern Savers dot com is a great resource for ad circulars and coupon matchups for a variety of grocery, drug, and big box stores operating in the South. If you’re in a different region, just search “[store name] coupon blog” and I’m sure you’ll find someone out there. There’s also a tool on the website where you can search for an item, and it will search for if it is on sale that week at her covered stores.

An app that appears to work nationwide is called Flipp. Not only can you view ads for a wide assortment of stores, you can also search to see if there is a sale on an item based on your location.

I hope this helps people out there who had the same question as the person who wrote in.

(I am not affiliated with the blog and app mentioned above. Since I’ve been using a couple of coupon blogs to plan my grocery and drug store shopping since 2010, I became eager to sign up for this forum to share what I do.)

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