Publix 5% senior discount? Don't count on it

Went to a Publix to take advantage of a senior 5% discount. The store manager said that they haven’t offered that for seven years. What I know now is the discount is only available at SELECT locations in a few states. I live in one of those states, but not this store. Now I read that it’s available on only the first Wednesday of the month but may be different at your store. So, did the news reports have a listing of the stores? No, you just need to keep trying different stores on the first Wednesday of a month and hope for the best to save your 5% at the most expensive grocery store in the USA. I think I am more likely to win at three card monte.

I wouldn’t shop at a store that charges me 5% more for the exact same product than someone who just happens to be old. A moot point, since there’s no Publix near me.

Many stores near me offer senior discounts on certain days or hours (always early). I rarely remember the first, and I am NOT a morning person.