Publix 5% senior discount? Don't count on it

Went to a Publix to take advantage of a senior 5% discount. The store manager said that they haven’t offered that for seven years. What I know now is the discount is only available at SELECT locations in a few states. I live in one of those states, but not this store. Now I read that it’s available on only the first Wednesday of the month but may be different at your store. So, did the news reports have a listing of the stores? No, you just need to keep trying different stores on the first Wednesday of a month and hope for the best to save your 5% at the most expensive grocery store in the USA. I think I am more likely to win at three card monte.

I wouldn’t shop at a store that charges me 5% more for the exact same product than someone who just happens to be old. A moot point, since there’s no Publix near me.

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Many stores near me offer senior discounts on certain days or hours (always early). I rarely remember the first, and I am NOT a morning person.

That’s really cute and funny, “5% more for just being old.” Wait til you’re there; feel free to check back when you are emotionally mature.

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Sure, as long as you promise to check back when you learn how to use quotation marks.

??? What was wrong with the quotation mark use?

Quotation marks are typically used to denote the actual words that someone said or wrote. Here, they were used to misquote me in a way that makes no sense at all.

I’ve noticed ratber2k having attitude issues with some of his posts so I am not surprised by his being old comment.

Don’t feel bad. It’s very common to think people who point out when you’re wrong have attitude issues.

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Is that why you somestimes have an attitude, because you don’t like people disagreeing with you?

Marci, there is always one idiot…

Scott, what you said is so very true. I have found people who won’t accept anybody saying something that is contradictory to what they say.

A while back I made a purchase at my grocery store. I was double-checking that a sale price was correct and the cashier said, “oh, and I gave you the senior discount”.

Ummm… Should I be happy or insulted?!?
It made me laugh!!