Reporting fraud to the FTC seems a waste

Somewhere [maybe here] got a link to the FTC: AG:

Perhaps there’s a better one?

I did complete their form — but —could not answer most of their questions which are specifically designed for scams:

"What date did they call?
Did they call more than once?
Were the calls threatening?
How much did they want?
What was the name[s] of the callers?
Did they want you to open a link in an email?
Did you open the link?
What did it say?

etc, etc. Under a section, “What happens next?”

They were VERY clear to note they cannot respond, but after examining my report, could forward it to the appropriate law agency.

So, a complete waste of time. Frustrating and disappointing.

MORE: filed complaint with BBB who appears more helpful. After review, they will send copy of complaint to see how they reply.

Maybe no help, but better than the FTC did. [or didn’t]