Remembering when Hotel shopping was easier

Do you remember when the Holiday Inn Directory listed prices? This was the 60s.

On Youtube today Clark is talking about making a Reservation and monitoring that hotel’s price looking for price drops. Then the price was the price.

I remember on a trip west checking the HI directory for Memphis. Monroe LA was cheaper and Ruston LA was better yet, at about $7 for the night.
The Ruston HI was fine and I even found a great Family Restaurant for Dinner.

I remember pre-Priceline and Expedia days when I was on an email mailing list that sent out daily or weekly posting of plane flight deals. A few years prior, we were still using the AAA travel magazine booklets that listed hotels for a state and prices. This was 1996-ish. Also, same time frame we were on a road trip out west and had one of those vegetarian food guides to help us find natural food restaurants and grocers while traveling. The pickings were slim. I am fairly sure nearly every town we drove through now has some kind of Whole Foods or a good selection of natural foods in their Safeways. Arizona probably had the best availability of mom and pop natural food grocers.