Do You Get Better Prices on Hotels From Third-Party Sites or by Booking Directly?

Where are you seeing the best hotel prices: hotel websites or third-party sites? Let us know!

Yup, usually better prices on third party sites.Yet, I find signing up for the hotels membership and then booking direct…many times I will get deals near if not as good as the the third party places.

BUT, here’s the big thing, booking direct may get you a better room and treatment. I experience this often.

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It depends… But rather than guess, why not search for the best 3rd-party deal around and then call the place an see how it compares? I wouldn’t mention that you are comparing prices with the lodging people though, but probably wouldn’t hurt if you did so with the third parties.

I rarely find a better price on a 3rd party site unless it is a bidding site which isn’t a fair comparison. When I have found a better price, I reserve the room then call the hotel. They always meet or beat the better price.

I worked in the hotel industry and I can tell you that there needs to be parity between 3rd party and direct booking. There is software that inspects it. Sometimes will you find a cheaper rate in either channel, yes, because not everyone follows the rules.

The one exception is loyalty programs. You will always get the best rate booking direct as a member of the loyalty program. It will be anywhere from 5-15% cheaper. You may be able to stack that with something like a special promotion (AARP for example).

Yes. Better treatment, as in you’re also not the first to get bumped when they take other higher paying bookings!