Rates on 2 year CDs, bonds

Seen today:

Brokered CDs at Fidelity 4.8% yield

Two year US Treasury 4.4% yield

My local credit union 4.94% yield (advancial.org, that’s for a Jumbo)

Good thing I looked. I’m going with the local CU. That’s the first bucket of money I’m going to eat after retirement in 2026. It will be TASTY !!!

Not many CDs on Vanguard or Fidelity site. Are intermediate bond funds already priced in for rate cuts next year? Might have to buy some VGIT in my Vanguard IRA to get on the NAV rise ladder.

As of last week, the local Ozark Bank was offering 5.6% apy on a13 month CD. Don’t know if that’s company wide or just local.

Ally Bank has an 18 month CD for 5.15% too short for me, but much higher than the 18 month Treasury
Their 1 year CD is higher than the 1 year Treasury