Fractional CDs at Fidelity

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You can buy CDs in $100 increments according to this latest offering. I could not see any CDs eligible for that right now. Maybe it is only business hours they are offered?

Anyway, Fidelity does it again. Will Vanguard try to match this?

This competes a bit too with Treasury Direct. You can buy t-bills with short term maturity there in $100 increments. You get better rates at TD but some of my funds are in IRA money at Fidelity. I can at least move to better rates than the money market there.

EDIT: Apparently there are a few banks eligible for fractional CDs. There is a column listing indicating if YES or NO for fractional purchase.

I bought $100 of a Merchant Bank CD @ 2.75% for 3 months.

Maybe not as great as a t-bill, but I am trying to get better rates than the Fidelity money market.