Preapprove Credit Card At Walgreen?

Got an email claiming I was preapproved for a credit card at Walgreens. Got turn down for a credit card I was preapproved for!

I guess they lied. Was this a store card or does Walgreens offer a Visa or MC?

Are you having trouble getting a Credit Card?
If you need a secured card… just ask… I am sure someone here can direct you to a GOOD one.

The only store credit card we have is Kohls because they have Special sales for Kohls CC holders. Otherwise we use a Visa or MC, preferably a Cash Back.

I really have all the credit cards I need. I only applied for a Walgreen card because, I do business (pass tense now) with Walgreen, the card was supposedly, (apparently wasn’t) preapproved, supposedly savings and they offered.

Without concrete compelling money back I would consider it a non-starter.

What you really need to watch for is too many inquires and/or new account in a short time. That got me turned down for cards from multiple banks, all the while with 800+ score, and two rinky dink credit lines from Capital one. I terminated those for a loss of $1100 credit line and promptly saw credit score increase.

Harmful jabs? The flu shot is a harmful jab? How about polio, measles, tetanus? Those bad too? Pneumococcal pneumonia? Shingles? Smallpox?

Yabut whut about! Where is your so-called “fact” checker?

I still believe there are beneficial vaccines out there, but we have so many with issues. Virtually all those issues however are eclipsed by the side effects and deaths caused by the experimental mRNA so-called vaccine. More problems than all the other vaccines put together in the history of the government data base set up to record the issues.