Parents bought new car and is missing a feature

Mom and Dad just bought a new Nissan Altima. The salesman told them repeatedly that the car had Android auto. After a week of not getting it working, and the dealer replacing the microphone, the dealership pulled the sale and said, “Oh that one doesn’t have it” after dad was told, again, repeatedly that it did. Now they want him to pay the difference to get this in the car. Dad’s in his late 70’s and completely of sound mind, and this is a feature he was adamant he wanted but he’s not that tech savvy. What options does he have?

Was the item listed on the window spec sheet? It should have been. If so, then the dealership needs to install it.

If it is not on the sheet, then he cannot rely upon the salesman verbal statements. Perhaps the salesman will encourage the dealership to honor that (perhaps out of his commission).

You said the dealer ‘pulled the sale’. I take that to mean that he cancelled the sale or pulled the sales sheet with the options?

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No–here’s the problem…they got the car from another dealer and they removed the sticker before dad got there to pick it up. They put in the VIN and saw it didn’t have the feature.

Oh sorry-when I mean “pulled the sale” I mean that he looked up the sale afterward and “found” that it didn’t have it.

Spoke with him again. There was NEVER a sticker on the vehicle.

Isn’t there a law requiring new cars to have the factory window sticker on the car window until it’s sold?

Yes. The Mulroney law I think. Dad found the sticker, never applied, among the paper in the pack that they gave him.

If it was never applied, then the law wasn’t followed, and he should demand that they either add it or cancel the sale. If they won’t, report fraud to your local DA’s office, or your state attorney general.