Hidden deals? Vehicles sitting on dealer lots over 90 days?

I’m looking to buy a used truck in next 6 months. I have searched with cargurus.com primarily and they have a search feature to see how long vehicles have been idle on dealer lots.

Has anyone been car shopping and targeted old inventory on dealer lots? I’m talking inventory over 90 days old. Are there deals to be had on this inventory? How much have you been able to negotiate off a car that has been sitting on a dealer lot?

A couple of years back my son bought a Nissan pickup that had been on a Ford dealers lot for more than 100 days. It was only a couple of years old. First thing the salesman said about the price was the price on the internet was it, they didn’t negotiate it. Long story short, he bought it for about $3500 less than the “it” price.

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Very cool!

I found one of these a few years ago. I was looking for a newer Camry XLE but could not find one and wound up talking to new car peddler. He axed why I wanted XLE and I replied, because I require the superior “driver” seat adjustments not found on lower grade. He said he had an LE that had it. I looked and not only did it, but it had leather seats. They were not doing LE with leather.

Some time later after I learned they cheapened the car and this generation was too noisy inside for chip-and-seal highway, I went to trade and somehow learned it had been on the lot 8 months or so. I asked my peddler why and he advised it was because the seats were not an appropriate color for the car! I was and am still puzzled as the colors seemed fine to me…