How can an individual access car auctions?

Seems like 95%+ of cars for sale on Craigslist & Facebook Market Place are by individuals who purchased the car from an auction & selling for a profit from their home. How are they able to get cars at dealer only auctions without being a car dealer? Years ago I could I could participate on non dealer nights at multiple car auctions in the Atlanta area. No longer the case. Ideas on getting into auto auctions to buy cars for friends & family? Thanks.

I once found a broker in Northern California who would buy cars at auction for a flat rate of $400 but that was back in the 90’s. They used guest passes to let you look at cars on the dealer only lot.
I haven’t found anyone that does that since then. The benefit was the price, but the benefit of a (honest) dealer was that they go through the car mechanically and check it out.

There’s a guy in my town who runs a dealership solo, who will do that for $600. Maybe look for small shops in small towns where you can talk to the owner.

True but there’s still the conflict of interest

It’s best to have your own mechanic. Even an honest dealer that’s incompetent can miss an issue here and there. Even an MD state inspection or a 700 pt inspection is useless if employee(s) cut corners

Most dealers 700 pt “inspection” is probably a quick look under the hood and a vacuuming and car wash. Even a state inspection certificate is useless if the dealership employees rush thru the checklist

Find one who is also a mechanic with a high end scan tool.