Still a bad time to buy a new or used car?

Does Clark Howard still think that it’s a bad time to buy a new car or even a used car? Admittedly, I can’t say that the inflation situation in the United States is under control at the present time.

I’ve been waiting close to two years to pull the trigger on a new car. Just because of their age and mileage on my current ones. Started the process by selling one of my trucks a couple of weeks ago. Probably will make a move in the next 30-45 days.

Are Dealers still asking more than MSRP?

Unless I had an URGENT need… that would be my Barometer.

Does sending out Emails to multiple Dealers still work?
That is how I bought my last 2 cars… but they were both pre-covid.

“Have Cash Will Travel,” was my strategy until my last new car purchase. In 2017 that strategy got me $10K off the MSRP from a dealer 500 miles from my home.

In 2022 I just got tired of waiting and the BEV market was weighted too much toward the seller side to try the same strategy. I got the car for the MSRP from a local dealer who called me a week after I notified them that I was interested in a specific model & color, (wife’s preference.)