Organic vinegar weed killer

Does anyone know an effective organic weed killer for weeds in sidewalks, drive ways instead of using chemical such as Round Up

I’ve read of combining vinegar, dish water soap and salt but the amount of each is all over the place. Does 5% acidity vinegar work or is a higher % needed.

Anybody have a combo that has worked for them?

Thank you.

I believe you need a higher strength vinegar

I wonder if just buying bulk Acetic Acid would work for you. You could then increase the strength and try different values. I get powdered at my farm and garden store.

thanks for feed back

I see great % vinegar available on amazon

I’m also looking into Acetic Acid

I just watched a You Tube video on this.

The guy said he uses 45% Vinegar (don’t breathe it!), epsom salts, and dish detergent.

Look on You Tube – lots of info there!

Acetic Acid is vinegar. Don’t get the full strength AA or glacial AA — the fumes can be quite dangerous.

Not to mention the burns.

thats what I use Nancy

We use Green Gobbler and find it works great— Home Depot has it

You can also just using boiling water. Keeps the weeds down for about 30 days. Hated glyphosate will keep them down for about 60 days.

I use a mixture of 1 gal of 5% vinegar, squirt of dish soap and a cup of salt.

Salt is not a friend of roots so for weeds near the plants, spray sparingly and only on the weeds.

For areas where no vegetation is desired such as driveways and sidewalks, spray more generously. The salt will prevent future weeds.

I usually spray early in the morning to allow for maximum absorption, and no rain in the forecast (not a problem in Phoenix, AZ).

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Epsom salt has magnesium and works as a fertilizer for lawns. I would not use it. We use vinegar, table salt and dish soap. A hot dry day helps when you spray it.

Thank you for the great feedback from all.