Online tax services

Online tax services such as Turbotax, Taxslayer, HR Block, and Taxwise is sending certain data to Facebook. Facebook is using this very private data to make profiles of its customers.

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If you are not signed up with FaceMeta, does the data go anywhere else?

No small problem. I’d say worth a Congressional looking into. And also maybe a boycott of the services. Does TaxAct or FreeTaxUSA engage in same data thievery?

Sources please, where does this information come from?

Good idea, except they’re in on it. Congress specifically barred the IRS from making a citizen interface to file taxes so that these companies could gouge you to prepare your tax returns.

and I tried some of those “free” tax services. They were terrible and did my taxes wrong.

That law about the IRS not having a free/simple tax filing system – that has to get repealed.

The state I live in has a great online tax filing system – as long as you don’t have really complicated taxes. If you’re a regular person, not too high income, you can file online, and it’s great!

I used to do my taxes on paper, by hand. It was a good exercise. That’s still free. Now my taxes are too complicated.