Recommend income tax software and service?

I’ve used TaxAct for many years and never a problem.
Until now. My 2023 taxes are done, but I want to change online service. I’ve heard of Turbotax. Good one? Others?

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Hello Catlikesbest@robertpri,

TurboTax is indeed a popular choice for income tax software and services. It offers a user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and various versions tailored to different tax situations, from basic filings to more complex ones involving investments and small businesses. Many users appreciate its step-by-step guidance and robust customer support options.
However, there are other reputable options available as well. H&R Block’s online tax filing service is another well-known choice, offering similar features and ease of use. Some users prefer H&R Block for its competitive pricing and the option to get in-person assistance at H&R Block offices if needed.

Another option to consider is TaxSlayer, which offers a range of plans at different price points and is known for its affordability and straightforward interface. It may be a good fit for users looking for a budget-friendly option without sacrificing features.

The best choice depends on your specific tax situation, budget, and personal preferences. It may be helpful to compare features, pricing, and user reviews of each option before making a decision.

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I’ve used Taxslayer for 5+ years. We have a fairly simple return (W-2s, a few investments, a couple of 1099s, etc). Also used it for my mother’s taxes, she is retired so much simpler than ours. Never had an issue, user friendly and certainly one of the cheapest options out there! I think it cost around $50 to file. Usually we’ll receive a coupon code at some point throughout the year too.