Olelo App For the Hearing Impaired

I have now reached the age where I have severe hearing loss and in fact I am being evaluated for a cochlear implant in both ears.

While waiting for the surgery I have discovered an app which is useful for people with advance hearing loss.

The app is Olelo which is available in the Google Play store for free.

When you make or receive a call it translates the speech of both parties to text instantly in real time so you can read what the other party is saying.

It also features a voice mail that displays the received VM’s in text.

Another feature is that you can share the calls and or voice mail files via text. email or load them to drive.

One legal aspect that a user must pay attention to is that in order to use the app you have to actually be certified as hard of hearing because the fed’s pay for the transcription process.

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Fascinating! I’m not there yet, but close.