No more paper statements only electronic

Sounds like you need to freshen up you software.

It works for me. The devil I know. And I don’t have to rent it, like Quicken nowadays.

The point, though, isn’t a lack of ability to manage the data on my side. It’s the lack of the financial institution to provide complete, machine readable data. They take away paper, want you to download a PDF, and that’s fine if the investor doesn’t plan on adding up the transactions. But by giving you only a PDF, they’re saying “type in every transaction or trust us that it’s right”.

The PDF’s you get access to see it as soon as it is available . You don’t have to wait on the mailto show a week or 2 later or more sometimes . I have everything paperless saved to my computer and backed up weekly or you can save them to a cloud like google .

I don’t think they force the requirement but they do all kinds of things to encourage you to take e-statement and correspondence. I suppose the extreme was be that they would charge you extra for paper copies. I have not have that experience. They only give me the option.

Alliant credit union is forcing paperless statements.They already charge me for paper statements and make it clear that by October I must agree to going paperless. I’d like to put a lot more money in my Alliant account to take advantage of the higher interest rates but being forced into this is making me hold off for now.

I’ve been using online statements from Alliant for a long time. I originally resisted online statements but finally agreed to a couple. I quickly discovered that I liked the timeliness of them and started going online to get the statements that were being mailed so I could have them a week or so sooner. I’m 100% now I think and have never had an issue. I just download them to my financial files. Since I pretty much know the closing dates, I usually have a statement downloaded a day or two before I get notified its’s ready. If I need to make a note on one I print it then scan it to the appropriate file.

If you agree to online statements - just print them out for hard copy.

I prefer electronic statements for security.

It’s hard to encrypt paper.

I do encrypt paper by scanning it to the hd which is encrypted and shred the hard copy.

Are you worried about someone breaking in and stealing your paper statements?!

No, but many documents have been stolen from the us mail.

Paper documents in offices may be handled by dishenest employees.

My prior employer had a case in which a clerk that handled medical records used the information to commit ID theft.

Not all postal employees are honest.

The documents that I scan are reciepts which I scan to Quicken and a few paper documents that I scan for back up like my SS card, Insurance cards, and driver’s license.

Plus one vote for Nancy! I was mandatory evacuated this year for a week, could have easily been months if not for tremendous heroism by fire and law enforcement.

I pay and receive cc bills online. If I had depended on paper, and not had payment set up more than one week in advance (I know I am lucky, many Amador County residents live paycheck to paycheck), this evac could have cost me money better spent on life and loved ones.

mine are already PDF statements – just need to download, view, and save. Much easier than paper!