Chase: no online access without electronic statements

Curious if anyone else has a Chase card for which online access is blocked unless you irrevocably consent to electronic statements?

I get paper statements for my Chase cards, but I also check the web site for transactions, cash-back promotions, etc. When I tried to access my online account today, I was blocked by a popup that stated:

Please choose “Next” after you accept the terms for the agreements. If you don’t accept them, you won’t be able to see or manage your accounts consent to receive electronic notices, disclosures, statements, agreements and other documents and communications (“Electronic Communications”) for your accounts

At the bottom of the popup was this:

You won’t be able to come back to this page to make changes, so make sure everything looks OK before choosing “Next.”

When I clicked “Next” without checking the boxes to agree, I was logged out of the app.

It looks like Chase is blocking online access to my accounts unless I switch to electronic statements and if I switch there is no way to go back to paper statements!

Interestingly, my spouse still gets paper statements and still has online access…for now?

Nothing in what you’ve quoted indicates that you won’t or can’t get a paper statement. Consent to receive electronic notices, disclosures, statements, agreements and other documents and communications doesn’t mean that’s the only way those things will ever come. But if you don’t consent to receive those things electronically, they can’t let you use the site (because the site gives you those things electronically).

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I have a CHASE Visa billed by USPS which I pay online as a “one time user” without enrolling in their online program due to unacceptable TOS.

It’s simple, if they pull your complaint on me, I’ll happily cancel the account…'NUFF SAID…are you listening, Chase?

Which items in the TOS are unacceptable to you?

Don’t recall the TOS item that turned me off, it’s been a number of years and I’m not about to go read the lawyer mice-type to refresh my memory. I’ll just do it my or leave, whichever rears its head first. CHASE per se is meaningless to me, just another cc card operator.
I don’t spend a high enough dollar amount to worry about rewards, so a card is just a payment mode and I’ll use the one most comfortable to me. (Discover’s been a winner since they started by converting my old Sears CC to a bank card back in the '70s)