Saving Statements from Chromebook

A question for the IT Security Experts:

Per Clark’s recommendation I’ve been using a Chromebook for some time for Banking, Brokerage, Bill-Pay. Also, I keep all my “paperwork” (statements, etc) digitally as pdf stored on my Windows computer and a digital online backup.

For those places who charge fees for paper statements, I’ve been electing for digital statements, printing them from the Chromebook, then scanning them to PDF on my Windows PC.

Would it be a breach of security if I used a flash drive to copy the Downloaded PDF Statements from my Chromebook to the Windows PC via “sneaker-net” (transferring via usb flash) since I don’t allow local file access on the Chromebook from my network?

Thanks for the guidance you IT Security Experts!

Just curious – aren’t all of your statements already in PDF format? Why do you print them and scan them to PDF? Seems a waste of paper and time, if I’m understanding you correctly.

Seems to me the PDF can just be downloaded or emailed…but maybe I’m misunderstanding the question.

I get all of my bills paperless now – download the PDF and save. It’s much better than the old paper files I had piling up !!

Thanks for your reply Nancy. Yes, the statements are downloadable from the providers website in PDF format. However, I don’t use that chromebook for anything other than Banking, Brokerage, and Billpay. I don’t use its email account for anything at all. I don’t save anything to the Chromebook itself. I keep all my finance data on a separate machine and network from the Chromebook.

So the question is, If I were to download the PDF statements from the provider, how to get them off the Chromebook and onto my secure storage area on my computer and online storage. Would transferring via USB Flash be a serious issue as it does, technically, cross from one platform to the other. If the flash drive were somehow infected beyond my ability to detect, would it then possibly infect the Chromebook? I know it’s a deep, and technically unlikely possibility as far as I can tell, but I’d like to know the best practice to implement.

Thanks again for your help!

I do it all the time on my computer! I store my PDF statements on the “cloud” but for safety I also have them backed up on an expansion drive (I do it maybe once per year).
I figured they are my bills and statements! If it was a paper bill, they have no control what I do with them!!
Your question never occured to me. I hope it’s not illegal!!

Choose “print to PDF” as your printer and print the reports to a thumb drive.

The USB drive should be dedicated to this task alone. Don’t put it into general circulation.