Need a reputable travel service to get the best /deal/experience for Cancun trip

I get a good bit of time off in Decemebr. I want to take my wife and kid to Cancun. I am old-school. I used to call my friend’s mom (travel agent) and tell her my budget. She would tell me when and where and how long I could go. Do any of you travel gurus know of such a service?

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I’d like to go to some inland destinations in Mexico — Oaxaca and San Miguel de Allende

@chilli Scroll down to “How to Find a Good Travel Agent.” Hope this helps!


That’s a good approach… decide on a general , not specific destination, then comb the Internet for good deals that meet your requirements.

Travel agents work on commissions paid by the travel and destination providers & promoters, and also get extra incentives to push destinations, it’s kinda like using a commission-based stock broker.

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