Lower your State Farm Auto Insurance

I called my State Farm agent to complain about an auto rate increase. I was told that they could request a rerate once a year. I had to fill out a special form. I believe that were able to run a credit check. My two auto policies went down about 30%. I have great credit.

I had never heard of asking them to request underwriting to rerate. I have been with State Farm for 40+ years.

They like customers like you who are loyal. Even if you call to complain about rate increases on occasion, they can throw you a bone without having to compete with other companies. If you really want to save money, ask an independent agent for quotes from several companies. You might be surprised.

Thanks for the tip. I’ve been with State Farm forever, decades with no accidents, yet it keeps going up, so I’ll call and politely complain, and see if this squeaky wheel will get some grease!

I just takes bids every year.

That might help some. But the real savings occurs when you call and say, “Company X will offer me the same coverage for $Y less per year. Why should I stay with you?” That takes more work though.

That would take more work, a lot more work, for over the last number of years, I’ve yet to find a company that beats their price. Even those that claimed they’ll save me hundreds…

Not a lot more. Just call an agent who represents multiple companies. Have him check rates and call you back with the best ones. If you’re calling individual companies that advertise on TV, it may take several calls before you find a better rate.