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I knew I was paying too much at Allstate, as I hadn’t shopped around for ten years. Each year, my cars would get older (2013, 2016 and 2016), but my premiums would increase by double-digit percentages. So I finally shopped around recently and selected Progressive Direct. I’m saving over $5,100 per year compared to Allstate for the same coverage. I’m thrilled but at the same time I’m angry that I’ve been getting ripped off for years. My own fault for not shopping around every 3-5 years.

LOOK AT COSTCO they have insurance supplier there that does home and auto. I have been there for over 15 years and every year I compare and it is the cheapest

I tried Costco once but they would not insure my house because it had too many corners. Seems they only want simple situations.

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try again, times change

Me, too. I live in a rural high fire risk area with a volunteer fire dept. and, of course, no fire hydrants so they wouldn’t insure me. This was only a few months ago.

Shopping by cost is often costly.
While I woudl not insure through Allstate, I would also not go through Progressive. When you need to make a claim or have one made against you, service and protection matter.

I’ve had no trouble with claims on Progressive (at least three I can think of in the last four years–one comprehensive and two at-fault collisions (I have teenagers)). My next-door neighbor is an independent insurance agent, and he’s the one who sold me the policy. He’s been with them for twenty years. Of course, YMMV.

I figure, if I have to make a claim, the $5,000 in annual savings will buy a lot of patience with lousy customer service. I’ve mostly had Allstate or State Farm for decades and wasn’t impressed with either.

Most disagree with your evaluation.
Example 1 of many.

Progressive Car Insurance Review for 2023 (

People can have bad experiences with Progressive, but they’re not disagreeing with my evaluation. I’m not expecting ANY future claims to be easy and fun at ANY insurance company, so why should I pay more so that some local agent can send his kids to college or make his next boat payment?

Totally fine. Most online reviews disagree with me about Wells Fargo, too.

I don’t have accounts with Wells Fargo, except their credit cards, which I use regularly. My wife uses their Active Cash card for 2% back on everything, and I use their AmEx for 3% on gas, dining and sometimes travel. I bank with Huntington (have been no-fee on everything for more than a decade) except that I also have online savings accounts elsewhere to enjoy interest rates of 4% or more.