Unfreeze credit report for shopping for car insurance?

I think I heard Clark say we should unfreeze our credit when shopping for car insurance, but am not seeing this in the car insurance shopping guide. Internet searches are not revealing a clear answer. Does anyone know?

Lenders use your credit score and credit history as factors to determine what interest rate to offers. See The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau article “How does a lender decide what interest rate to offer me on an auto loan?”

True, but that’s not the topic.

OP, I don’t know the answer, but this search seems to indicate that you’d need to:

First result:

Thank you for this. I hope someone else can still weigh in on whether unfreezing credit is necessary for this. e.g. It might be the insurers use a different credit reporting bureau than the big three or pull the records differently. I guess there also might be some strategy here --i.e. someone with low credit might keep their scores frozen while someone with high credit would want to unfreeze.

There are no others. There is a database of insurance claim history, but that has nothing to do with credit.

There are other credit bureaus - now whether they are relevant to this situation in any meaningful way, I do not know. See: Credit Reporting Agencies: Big 3 & Alternative Bureaus

If you’re going to call those credit bureaus, which they clearly are not, then the ones with Insurance or LexisNexis in the names are the relevant ones. Not that it matters, since you can’t freeze or thaw those.

I have had my credit frozen for years and I shop for new insurance every year just to compare. I have never unfrozen my credit for that. For a new credit card or a new mortgage, yes, but not for insurance.

We just received a Clark Stinks about this on Friday’s podcast. The caller said that we’re wrong about having to unfreeze credit for insurance purposes. We have to do more digging and update our information, if that’s true. Watch here for Clark’s response (time code: 5:55): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMmoIZiXQj8

The rates on my current renewal with State Farm just skyrocketed. I’m wondering if that’s related to my credit being frozen. I recall unfreezing my credit when I first got these policies.

Could be–but rates have been increasing a lot around the country in general too. Mine went up like 40% several months back without any change in my credit freezing.