How Effective are Credit Monitoring Services?

““If you freeze your credit, and you manage that appropriately — and it’s not that hard to do it — you really don’t need credit monitoring in and of itself,” said Eva Velasquez, the president of the nonprofit Identity Theft Resource Center.”


A credit freeze (proactive) is substantially better than credit monitoring (reactive).

I have both. Why take a chance?

I agree and our credit has been frozen for many years.


I froze my credit a year or two back. I’m curious if I need to unfreeze all of them to get, say, a car loan. I won’t need a car loan any time soon (I hope!), but I’ll ask my credit union the next time I’m there – do they check all 3 credit bureaus, or just 1 or 2?

My experience is that the vendor will tell you which credit reporting agency that you need to grant access to.

Also, there is a timing option on the unfreeze so the freeze reinstates after a specific time like two week’s.


Credit has been frozen for years and I have a Credit Karma account. Don’t think I need much more and have never had issues. However, sometimes when I need to unfreeze the credit bureaus can be a pain. Normally, it’s pretty easy to unfreeze, but when it doesn’t work then you’re in trouble. Credit bureaus generally rank pretty high in the land of incompetence.

Completely agree with that…!

Check with the bank or car dealer you’re getting the loan through. They told us which credit agency they used and that’s the one I unfroze for a few days.

We’ve had to do this multiple times over the years and ithas worked well.

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Discover checks your credit daily. I just got an alert from them about a credit inquiry from yesterday that I did to increase the limit on one of my CCs. Between that, Credit Karma, and frozen credit, that should cover me.

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