Leaking washing machine...?

Carpet is soaked under the washing machine and dampness extends about three feet. The hoses are definitely NOT causing this. [examined closely] Machine is many years old, so a waste of time trying to get it fixed?
Just buy a new one?

If it’s that old and you can afford a new machine, go for it! I just replaced a 7 year old Samsung French Door fridge that we purchased new because it kept freezing up and was leaking through the rear and developed a large hole. Not a cheap ordeal but had to be done. Appliances seem to be made these days not to last like they did years ago.

I’d just buy a new one.
While buying the new one, try to negotiate having them take away the old one for no additional charge,

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It could be a leak underneath. tipping it over mat uncover a simple fix.

Look around on YouTube first before you get rid of the washer. Look up the model and its problem and see if any repairs are possible to DIY. I changed out the drum suspension rods on our washer this year after it was vibrating violently during the spin cycle. Totally fixed the problem. We were about ready to buy a new washer and I by chance looked up my washing machine on YT and found a few videos about the problem it had and how the owner fixed it.

A leak may be as simple as changing out a fitting or a seal. Depends upon how mechanical you are and what time and space you have to fix the washer. It cost me $57 for the parts and maybe 4 hours of leisurely working on the washer and testing the repair.

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I second the YouTube idea. I was able to fix my old machine once when it didn’t shut the water off after filling. Surprisingly easy, just needed cleaning, and no new parts needed. Still works, and it’s 27 years old.

Good luck.

The only time we had a leaky washer, it was the mixing valve. Easy to get to and very easy to replace. It’s what the hoses connect to.

I have had success with repairs here: https://www.repairclinic.com/RepairHelp

I addition to what’s been said before, I had to replace my 1973 GE builder grade machine about 2017 due to rust through of the drum. Maybe you can check for this from the topside, definitely from the underside-there’ll be rust stains

I think Lowe’s will do this.

In the past I would have said replace it. BUT…all that you can get today are High Efficiency, which sure seem to make me use MORE energy and water than I did before. And a lot don’t have the agitator, so that laundry just kind of floats around and more often than not, will result in an out of balance condition that some machines (like the one I have) will NOT shut down for…causing the machine to “walk” across the basement while seemingly trying to tear itself apart. I would gladly trade my one year old Washer Dryer for a 20 year old one.

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Lowe’s will deliver and set up a new appliance for free. They do charge a small fee to get rid of the old one. Got a new Washer from Lowe’s a couple of years ago, Think was 30 to 40 dollars.

Kind of funny. After I made my post, I shut dowm the Computer and turned on the TV to watch some YouTube videos. First video I clicked on, it was preceded by a Commercial from Home Depot.

Maybe have a repair person look at it. I have an appliance store near me – they will come out to repair, or if not reparable and you buy a new one from them, they will put the cost of the repair visit towards your purchase.

Funny – my washer and dryer are 24 years old, and last year I stopped in at the appliance store just to see what is out there, prices, etc., in case I had to buy in the near future. The sales person said mine was from the “golden age” of washer/dryers (1998), and to repair it as long as possible! He said they don’t make them like that anymore!!