KRON4: "More people canceling streaming subscriptions"

Streaming services were originally the answer to the high-priced cable monsters. Now streaming services are getting just as expensive. I wonder what will be the answer to the “high-priced streaming monsters”?

Yep, the older I get the more tempted I am to just watch less t.v. This is my solution anyway. I’m addicted enough as it is to the internet.


I have soooo many channels now, I can’t imagine why anyone would pay extra to stream for more.

This is basically a non-story. Some people are still cutting back from some Covid overindulgence. The price changes really aren’t a big deal - it’s largely in line with everything else. Inflation is a normal part of a healthy economy - people need to stop whining about it. And some of the cancellations are likely due to people discovering the terrific free services. You can pay for premium streaming services if you want to, but the free services have become so good, it’s no longer a necessity to pay subscription fees to get good content.