The Death of Cable TV

The Comments tell the rest of the story.

The Business Practices of Comcast etc… did not help?

That was what we all hoped for when “cutting the cord” began. The problem is that now some people are paying as much or more each month for individual subscriptions than they were for their cable tv. (I’m not, but I know others are.) And searching for movies and TV shows among the various subscriptions is a major pain.

I have Comcast Xfinity internet and TV. I’ve had issues with their customer service in the past but for the last many years they have greatly improved and so has their product.

Their system is very simple to use. The talking remote is awesome and I can easily switch to other streaming services and back seamlessly. I just say into the remote “Breaking Bad on Netflix” and it switches right to it.

Not everyone in my household is tech savy to switch inputs and remotes, etc. Yes, I could probably save a few bucks by cutting the cord but right now I’m sold on Comcast.

To find series and movies, go here: JustWatch Apps for mobile and Smart TVs and enter the name in the search box.

You will see which services offer the program or movie and whether it is free, free with commercials, available to rent or to buy.

Roku devices have a search to see what channel and service the show is on.

And phone. I’ve had CC for so long I can’t recall being without it.

During my wife’s final years, she rarely left the house. [we did not know until later how badly cancer had ravaged her body] TV, internet and phone were her windows to the world.

Now, living alone with declining health and remaining family 900 miles away, I fully appreciate the comcast “windows to the world” she valued.

Roku has a great search function by artist or title. It shows where it is available and the cost (free, rental cost, subscription service). I’m repeatedly impressed at how thorough it is.

Agree… but Youtube is not included… lots of old shows and series are there free and some without commercials.

I cut the cable several years ago and pay nothing for TV. I have more than enough to watch. This is how I did it.
Cut the Cable and Paid Streaming Services and Watch TV for Free – The Tech Minimalist (

I had Comcast cable + internet for years and I was actually very happy with it, except for the RSN fee ($11.75 at the time) and Fox News ($3/month) when I don’t watch sports or Fox news.

Every 2 years I’d have to renegotiate a “package”, but a couple years ago, they had no offerings – just fewer channels, less internet speed, for more money!! So I quit Comcast cable, have internet only with an antenna and the Xfinity Flex box (apps for streaming). Of course, the price of internet only will go up, up, up. Comcast doesn’t seem to care about retaining customers at all.

It’s interesting – I have a subscription to online music lessons, which are great. After the 1st year, and once per year they have a “sale” price which is a really good discount. They prorate your membership and then renew it at the lower sale price! It’s really nice – it rewards the long-time customers and probably also keeps some folks from quitting ! I really like that subscription model, and I wish cable companies would devise better package/subscription options to offer to different customers. If cable got better (offerings, prices, fewer fees), I’d actually go back!

Ah, so very true…!