IRS Identity Protection PIN?

I thought I heard on the podcast the other day about making an IRS PIN to help prevent identity theft. Has anyone done this before? What website? I tried searching the forum and and didn’t see anything come up but could of missed it. I think it might have been the comment of an enrolled agent.

Get An Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN)” – these seems like the right website at but I’d feel better getting confirmation for you all or an article on

Thanks for your help.

Yes, that’s the right place. is the clue that it’s a legit site (political joking aside).

Yes, it’s legit, but once caused me a problem. [my fault] On my e-file return, it asks to create a PIN. But it did not work, nor work the following year. I have no idea what it’s for, but the IRS version of the PIN is the only one that works.

And I believe it’s different every year. [I think]

The pin that online tax companies want is separate from the IRS pin they would give you.