Invest Yrefy high rate of returns

I listen to internet radio and one of the ads they run is for InvestYrefy. The thing that catches my ear is that they tag the ad with possible 10.25% returns.

If the return is so good, why do they need to advertise to general public? That is the red flag to me. They should have plenty of investment pools looking to buy into these returns.

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So it’s a crowd funding platform for buying non-performing private student loans. Not my cup of tea…

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Oh this sounds like a total POS !

Like a Student Loan Collateralized Debt Obligation? Now THERE’S and idea! Where can I find a Credit Default Swap to insure my gains for such a great investment?

I catch this radio ad on KFNN. Years ago, they had real estate guys on yelling at the radio about how people are idiots for not jumping on house flipping or some such. That was 2008.

Thing is, if something is being advertised as having some edge or great investment potential, why share it with others? Smart money knows to find this stuff if it is good.

I’ve read that being angry is better way to approach investing. In other words, a scorched earth view that exotic stuff is garbage and everyone is trying to get your money. We can think back the past 25 plus years and remember all the once in a lifetime opportunity pitches that were thrown at retail investors and some investment whale groups.

I think we are not out of fad investment trends or sure thing schemes. Stuff just getting started now that in a few years will be sold to everyone as a get-rich quick sensation.

Since every asset class is cyclical, at different moments in time everything will be shilled to the max using emotional manipulation to fools who are there to be seperated from their money. In 1980, 2011 it was gold. Not so much anymore. Those days will come again. I bought in between $1050 and $1300. It’s $1876 now. You have to buy when it feels stupid and its painful.

If we have a protracted bear market in US equities, after the real capitulation comes no one will want them… that will be the time to buy.

You have to counter-trend to the nonsense.