Stop the one 100th to 1% so called interest rate!

Clark is right, the big monster mega banks don’t pay any interest on your money. Do your research and start out the new year right by switching banks. Here’s the bank I went with: Sofi Bank.

Sorry, affiliate links aren’t allowed here. You can recommend Sofi, but not if you get a fee for it.

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you’re unbelievable!

Thank you!

You’re welcome, rat.

I cant imagine using an actual bank for anything other than a checking account. There are too many better options for savings and investments. Plus, with ACH and soon Fed Now moving money between accounts is a breeze…

Butler, I agree. Keeping much money in a bank is a way to see the tiny remaining buying power erode away each year, eaten up by roaring inflation. You can only get ahead if your money is earning more than 7%. Bank interest rates are designed to make the banks richer, and you poorer. Look at small business loan development companies. There are a dozen or so good ones, that pay from 8 to 12% dependable annual yields, paid quarterly.