How to covert paper I Bonds to an electronic version?

Bought some years ago, now I would like to convert them from paper to my online account that I recently opened. Not sure how to go about doing that……thoughts?

There are detailed instructions in you have to make a manifest using a website up there and put in the exact serial numbers of your bonds and then mail this manifest with bonds to the treasury retail site in Minnesota (but don’t sign the bonds on the back). Then you wait several weeks like 5 or 6 weeks and they get converted, and they show up in a sub-account which you can log into still with the same ID but you have to switch over to the sub-account. Honestly, when I get my next bunch of paper bonds I’m going to keep them as paper, because my local credit union will redeem them, and I don’t want to commit them to that cranky old website

Thanks for your response, yes, the website is not user-friendly, perhaps I’ll just keep them and paper form. Thanks again…