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I highly recommend the Clark team do a little research on treasury direct customer support (an important part of any financial transaction!) My Aunt passed away with three bonds in treasury direct digital format (the only way you can buy bonds now). I need to get into her account to access the bonds (find out their numbers, how much they are etc.) so the estate can sell them. THERE IS NO PERSON TO TALK TO WHEN YOU HAVE AN ISSUE LIKE THIS! After 6 hours on the phone going to ground on every prompt (at least 60 in total) they have, I was finally told that they have no people who can answer the phone directly. They direct you to send an email. First set up your own account, then send them a private email on their site. I did that. An automated response comes back the next day. "WE are so sorry for the delay, but due to high email request volumes, you can expect a response from us IN 6 MONTHS.
Our country is going bankrupt. China and Japan are dumping treasury bonds like water. We need to sell these things internally and this is the way they treat the customers, who they want to purchase their bonds? Really is unbelievable. I challenge ANYONE to come up with a worse customer no service response ANYWHERE. My next step is to contact my Congressman. I couldn’t make this stuff up.


It’s beyond awful, you are right. Did your Aunt leave you with any information about the bonds at all? The account number? Do you know what email address she might have used? Did she name anyone with survivorship rights to the bonds? (that’s one way you can buy them, is with “with rights of survivorship - so-and-so”.

I’m thinking maybe it’s time for the actual Executor of the estate to send a hardcopy letter via certified mail with return receipt so you have proof of delivery. Send death certificate, photocopies of her identifying documents incl SocSec card, her email address, a copy of the Will or Trust appointing the Executor / Trustee, copies of their identifying documents, and just ask them to liquidate the account and send the proceeds back to your Aunt’s bank… do not close this bank account! It has to stay open to receive TreasuryDirect funds.

Maybe something will happen. It cannot hurt. I would not try to hack into her account, though. That’s a security violation, and they might refuse to talk to you forever. If they see someone trying to get in after her death date, they’ll shut the account down forever.

Treasury Retail Securities Services, PO Box 9150, Minneapolis, MN 55480-9150

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I have her account number. I do not have her password or her verify questions. I do not have the bond numbers. Just a hand written audit of her finances, put together by her with bonds mentioned but no bond numbers. There are No survivors or beneficiaries so they, by law, belong to the probated estate. The bank will not accept any checks issued to her name. Because she cannot endorse the checks. They must be made out to “The estate of…” which the executor can sign. How do you get treasury to issue the proceeds “to the estate of”, without talking to a person? I am the executor.
By the way you need a doctorate in US savings bonds to even attempt to navigate the treasury direct website, it’s extremely confusing…
If you hate your executor and want to totally mess him/her up after you die…then buy a US savings bond on treasury direct!!!

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Well, the usual way to redeem these things is by ACH electronic banks transfer directly back to the funding account, so there is no “endorsing” involved. Yeah, your story is daunting — I am definitely putting a date on the calendar to decide whether to keep my account up or shut it down. When my EE bonds mature and double in the year 2040, I think I’ll just pack it in and call it a day (I’ll be 78 at that time). I can’t even get my paper bonds converted to electronic form, they say it will take 16 weeks. I’m thinking… no more conversions, I’ll retain paper bonds which I get as a tax refund for “diversification” if you want to call it that.

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I’m so sorry you are going through this. I’m going through a mini-hell with Treasury Direct just trying to get my bank account set up with them, they advised me this could take several months…

I’ve learned from your experience, thanks! Not going to proceed with Treasury Direct. It’s just not worth the trouble and I love my designated executor.


Yup cash it out if you’re entering the later chapters of life…

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Yes I have about $1,000 in I-Bonds. I’ll cash them out as soon as inflation declines

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