I-Bonds not showing interest

I purchased $10,000 in I-Bonds in May of last year each for my wife and me. When I check the balance on the Treasury Direct site, it doesn’t show any interest. Am I missing something? This is the first time I have purchased I-Bonds per Clark’s recommendation.

My account shows the amount of each I bond purchased and the current value.
It should show something since you have had it for a year.
Contact them and find out.

Thanks! I found the current value under a different tab and it shows the interest. I don’t know why they don’t put this on the main tab.

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Glad you found it! I went through the same pain you did a while ago. NO ONE was able to answer my question at the time so had to discover it on my own just as you did. I was surprised that the Clark Howard consumer people couldn’t help me either… sent email after email and called a few times as well. There really isn’t any excuse for this (IMHO) on the government website… it’s one reason I always give them a “Poor” rating when they ask for it. Oh, almost forgot… made a few telephone calls to them as well but didn’t want to hold for 12 hours so just hung up. :sweat_smile:

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The “government speak” is obscure at Treasury Direct. For that reason, I find the site ridiculously cumbersome to use. I suffer through it for the interest rates, however.

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Oh, but being a government website IS the excuse. I made a mistake entering my bank account number to create a Treasury account so I could buy I bonds and it’s been several months since I drove an hour, got my credit union to notarize paperwork an,d sent it to them certified mail.