How much for lawyer to file divorce?

Trying to help a disabled veteran and spouse to file a joint petition for uncontested divorce. They have filled out all the paperwork, ready to file. How much might it cost to just have a lawyer file the paperwork in Seattle?

How high is up? There’s no way for anyone to answer based on the limited information you’ve provided. I suggest calling a few and asking. They’ll ask you some questions to try to get a feel for how complicated it will be. I’m guessing the estimates will be a lot higher than you think because the attorneys will want to discourage your friends from hiring them. Everyone thinks their case is simple, and can “just be filed” by a lawyer for cheap. But no lawyer is going to just file what someone hands them. It would be an ethical violation.

If your friends have filled out the paperwork, why don’t they just file it themselves? That’s still permitted in Seattle, as far as I know.

If they really want a lawyer to file it, and don’t want to pay much, look for someone outside of Seattle, and preferably someone without a big ad budget.

There has been four divorces in my family, uncontested, and no lawyers were involved. Check with the local county to see if they can do it themselves, with no lawyers.

The key is mutually resolving all issues in advance.

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