How is Zelle hacked?

I really don’t understand it, or maybe they don’t get hacked much?
To set up new recipient.
Had to log into bank: SMS code and Yubikey.
Set up new receiver: phone code and email code
Send to new receiver: phone code and email code, and then another phone code plus debit card PIN or CC sec code.

How could hackers manager all that?

They don’t get hacked. People get scammed on it. People get talked into transferring money or buy something and later realize it was a scam. They then try to get their bank or Zelle to reverse the transaction. Of course the money is gone and the transaction cannot be reversed.


I suspect that’s true. Using Zelle and all the required steps and codes, I believe foolish people are probably the flaw. Can’t fix stupid.

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I really like Zelle, I think Clark is oversensitive about it.

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I am still impressed how many steps, emails, and SMS texts it takes to get the access codes.

I think the thing that Clark hates is your bank may activate Zelle without asking you. Then money is disappearing from your account and you don’t know why. I’m absolutely with Clark on that.

Now if you choose to use it be careful. Just like with all the other money transfer apps.

Could be some banks. I don’t know, But I used to have ‘auto send’ money to an ailing, handicapped relative. Bank cancelled that and said no autopays to anyone not an established organization. I have to do it manually every time.

According to B/A, it’s the same with Zelle. I have to enable it every time.

Of course we know banks lie.

The multiple layers of security in place, such as SMS codes, Yubikey, phone codes, email codes, and additional verification steps, make it highly difficult for hackers to bypass all of these measures. These security measures, combined with encryption, regular monitoring, and strong authentication, significantly reduce the chances of successful hacking attempts and protect customer information.

Thanks. That is what I am hoping for. Never used Zelle before but I am impressed with the security.

I honestly can’t figure out any way that would happen. You have to do something to send money, right? Even if Zelle is “activated” (whatever that means). I presume you can’t bypass the steps @robertpri posted above.

Ratbert, You do listen to Clark, right? He said people would open a checking account and the bank would make Zelle active with out the account owners ok. Then a transaction would occur and the account holder had nothing to do about it. Maybe that’s changed now.

I have two banks, a local bank and Ally.They both require you to activate Zelle, which is the way it should be.

But even if it’s active, the account holder still has to initiate a transaction, right? That’s the process in the original post in this thread. I’ve never sent money via any money-sending service accidentally, without knowing I sent money, or without my input.

I don’t use Zelle often but I definitely like it better than Venmo. My only real issue with Zelle is that I originally needed it before my bank supported it so I had to setup an account directly with Zelle (technically I think it was a subsidiary). Once my bank supported Zelle, I closed the other account and was told that I’d be able to use my email address with my bank - nope, the old deactivated account still has my email associated so I can’t use it with my bank (and they don’t seem to know how to fix it).