Any Banks that do 2FA that's not a OTP via phone?

I’m trying to up the security on my financial accounts. In the past I would change/improve my passwords.

While most financial institutions I deal with offer 2-Factor Authentication, most do it only with a OTP (One-Time Passcode) via cell phone.

I’ve been reading more lately about SIM swaps and phone hacking, so this method is not the most secure. I don’t do any banking or financial stuff on my phone, but who knows what can be hacked after getting phone info…?

I just purchased 2 Yubikeys to help secure my accounts that do this type of 2FA – like Vanguard, Google, Microsoft. But I’ve been really surprised that the banks I deal with don’t do anything more secure than a OTP.

Does anyone have banks that do this? I really think they need to up their security game, as do the customers!!


Fully agree! Love my Yubikeys and also disappointed banks don’t use them.

I’m really surprised banks don’t off this option.
If a customer loses their money because of their phone being hacked, it doesn’t fall under the FDIC insurance. So maybe the banks don’t care?

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My experience over the past weeks indicate they don’t care. And they have no intention to fix this issue.

Some banks and other businesses will do 2FA by email instead of texting to phone. Might be an option on the screen or you can ask. Maybe have a separate email account to use for password changes and so forth in case your main one is hacked.

Honestly, we can’t prevent everything so just freeze your credit and hope for the best.

Although it was not easy — [a dozen phone calls…!] — my bank finally allows four contacts for 2FA. Upon logging in, there are four contacts listed to get the 2FA code, email, my landline, my cell phone and my son’s, cell

It was incredibly difficult to get B/A to finally list all four. VERY frustrating, but eventually got it.

Yes, the banks don’t care, they are just businesses

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