Hardwood Floors

If I move in my rental property on my sister’s suggestion I should install hardwood floors.
She said my brother in-law can do the installation.
Was wondering how much to pay him ? I would only want the living room and walk in hallway, small, I’m guessing about 400 or so square feet.
Any pitfalls to hardwood flooring ? The only thing I can think of is they seem cold in the winter months.

My concern would be his qualifications. Can you see his past work? Once he’s gone, you have that new floor forever, and you want first class work.

He installed the hardwood floors in he and my sister’s house, looks great.

We have hardwood floors in our kitchen, dining, entry and hallway and love’em. Ours are American Walnut which is pretty but softer than maple or oak.

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Same here. The floors in the hallways and living room were original equipment about 35 years ago, the worn sheet vinyl in the kitchen was replaced shortly after we bought the house 20 years ago. Both have held up well, and look very nice to this day with minimum maintenance except for some weathering and staining just inside of the front door.

I am sorry that my house does not have carpet all through it. I understand that carpet holds dirt and needs shampooing and care, but I have a situation right now that is horrible.

Upstairs where I live I have carpeting. Downstairs my Sisters build a few rooms and used relatively cheap wood mplank laminate flooring planks. It is not the quality of the planks I am upset with, rather they are slippery for my other family member.

I have a 13 year old Labrador with hip displaysia. She cannot go up and down the stairs so I have her down stairs. Her hip bones are loose and her back legs flail. She also cannot get a good grip on the floor and ends up collapsing on the floor. I tried some non-slip boots but they didn’t help her.

Because of the slippery floor, I may have to put my dog down sooner than later.

While 99% of you may think hardwoiod floors are great, this is one case where it it not.

For what it’s worth, I don’t like hardwood floors. So, they are not for everyone.

As my dad said, “That’s why they make more than one kind of jam.”

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Maybe ask him how much he wants for the job?

Personally, I’d just give him some lottery tickets. Who knows, lightning might strike!

My only suggestion is that you pick the right solid flooring based on the price point or your home. If it calls for LVP then use that…if it calls for solid wood then do that.

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I agree, dogs and wooden floors don’t get along well. The floors get all scratched up and the pooch can’t get any traction. And when he does get under way, his brakes don’t work!

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When we had a dog who developed hip issues and had problems with bare floors we added area rugs and runners so that she could maneuver around the house with minimal bare floor contact. Worked well for her.


Of course my reason for mentioning the dog is that was never a thought when they put the floors down. In the future, if I ever have another dog, I will ensure first floor, easy access and runs and runners, etc.

It is a lot like knowing tha tyou will have older family in a house and make sure it can be made wheelchair and handicapped accessable. You know, that would even make the house more saleable I would bet.

There is a spray you can put on a dog’s feet to make them less slippery.

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I have use good quality luxury vinyl plank and prefer them to hardwood…water doesn’t ruin them, pet messes are easier to clean up, and they are much more comfortable to walk on with bare feet. Also they look much like wood

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I absolutely love the product for my Single Family and Vacation rentals…

The vinyl plank types fit in very well with the more modern home designs, but our current home is traditional country French and the vinyl substitutes don’t have the wood-grain depth that real hardwoods have. When the manufacturers of them attempt to imitate real wood they come across as kinda flat-looking. We like the patina that hardwood floors acquire after a few years, it adds a lived-in homey kind of touch to those areas of the house.

Hardwood is fine if it will not get wet. I have animals and put down vinyl planks. They have held up pretty well for ten years. Some scratches but a lot less than would be on hardwood. Also, doing business with relatives is not a good move. If he does not do the job to your liking, any criticism will not be taken well by your sister or her husband! The idiom “don’t lend money or do business with relatives or friends” holds up well over time.

I’ve found the “gosh we’d love to have you do it, but I’ve already committed to this other guy!” excuse works pretty good when I find myself in one of those family/friend handyman situations.

So very true. It might sound good at first, but it’s not a one-off issue. You will have that floor for years and years.

I think I might do carpeting if I move in.

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