Tropical Fish Tank

I was thinking if I move into my rental property if my tenant doesn’t accept my new offer (I’ll know by 1/22) that I might get a fish tank.

Was thinking of something not too big, perhaps a 20 gallon or 29 gallon.

Does anyone have a fish tank ? If so what size ? are they a lot of work ? what are some good community fish ?

Are they expensive with all the equipment you have to buy ? like filter, heater etc.

I had tanks when I was a kid back in the 70’s, but I don’t remember a lot of how to maintain etc.

It’s been decades since we had tanks so not certain if I have any advice.

Early decision: fresh or salt water fish?

Fresh water tanks are easier cheaper, but the fish are rather bland and boring. Salt water tanks are more expensive, but once my young step daughters saw salt water fish the decision was made. So many colors and choices for ocean fish. And more $$$

I suggest you go to Utube or other video sites and search for “setting up a home fish tank”

People love their fish tanks so there should be many videos and advice.

Never had mode than a goldfish (which lasted almost as long as an ice cream cone on a hot summer day (hey, I was a very young kid).

Regardless, that will not stop me from suggesting emergency power for the pump. Perhaps a U.P.S.?

I’ve had a salt tank for 15 years. 34 gal nano. After established, not too expensive. Do water changes every few weeks and I keep my hands out of it. People say they are hard to maintain but that’s people who continue to tinker with it. Limited fish for that size but lots of reef coral available. Check out a local fish club. Lots of good deals and advice.

Why so often? It’s been decades but I don’t recall frequent water changes in our tank

I Travel a lot and it just works for me.