Hardwood Floors

I think carpeting is best for living, bedroom, office & closet areas, hardwood for kitchen, dining & hallways and tile or marble for bathroom, laundry & utiliity rooms.

Tile or marble for certain areas like laundry and bath make sense. However I would do as my Father did for our house in the 1960’s. We had wire in the ceiling in all rooms, powered by electricity. In the bathrooms there was a wire embedded in the floor. The floor would be warm even though there was a normally cold flooring. The radiant ceiling had a blanket of air that heated from the top down; thus no draft from floor-mounted heating units (baseboard heat). We were lucky because we had a nuclear power plant in town that guaranteed our electric bill would not exceed a certain cost.

Because the wire is embedded in plaster-like material, there was no issues like leakage of tubing used with hot water.

We also used a rubberoid siding on the house that had color throiughout. That house still look new after over 60 years.

Whatever flooring is chosen, hopefully it will be long-lasting and properly installed. Every application will suggest a different solution.