Great way to pack your bags

I’ve got to get me a hydraulic press to pack my bags:

This is just downright craziness…

My wife converted me to the rolling method some years ago. I didn’t believe that it would make a difference, but it does…

As for the packing cubes…I dont think it helps…

Then you have to pack another bag to take the hydraulic press so you can repack your bag for the return trip.


Interesting story, but if you fly on international flights you’ll run into weight restrictions. When that happens, you either check the bag or you throw stuff away. It can get expensive either way.

My wife and I learned to travel with 7-kilo carry-ons and a personal item for 6-8 week intl trips. Once you get used to it, it’s pretty easy to do.

Definitely humorous but not very practical.

Packing cubes help in organizing things. What I’d like is a suitcase with drawers.