Packing hints for your carryon

Belts should go around the inside edge of bag OR around the collar of shirt or jackets to keep the collar crisp. If you are not going to wear that blazer or jacket, turn it inside out to reduce wrinkles. Necklaces can be put into straws to keep untangled, pierced earrings can go into holes of a button or contact lens case. Pill organizers also keep jewelry organized. Do NOT take your fancy jewelry, instead use the fun costume jewelry. Put chargers in colorful bag with any other electronics including your extra batteries. When you take the charger out toss the bag in front of the exit door. You cannot walk out without the reminder to get the charger which is the most commonly forgotten item. A binder clip on the razor keeps it safe and can also keep curtains closed if there is a gap. Even if you don’t usually use sunscreen take at least a small amount. It can go in a contact lens case. Better to be safe. Use small baggie to hold car & house keys, ticket for parked car and anything else needed upon return tucked into bottom of bag ready for your return. Think about taking a photo of where you parked as a reminder. On top it is nice to have the first items you will need to wear upon arrival, then on top that a bag with liquids and toiletries for TSA check. A single extra plastic bag takes up no space on the bottom of bag but is great to have to hold smelly socks and soiled clothes. Snap a safety pin or two on the interior zipper pulls of you bag. You will always have one without ever having to think of it again. A large paper clip can keep dual zipper pulls closed and help replace a broken pull. Prep your carry on for a worst case scenario. Act as if you are going to get stuck. Snacks, charged chargers, reading material can become essentials. Have itinerary printed inside every bag in case you and bag get separated. It weighs nothing, costs nothing and can create peace of mind. Include your passport number and a possible duplicate set of passport photos either on you or in the carry on. Consider packing a ‘go now’ pack of small forgotten items such as hand sanitizer, aspirin, lip balm, sun screen, tiny scissor tissues, earplugs sleep mask, a day or two of meds, notepad and pen or tiny flash light. In an emergency you may not want to use up your phone batter as a flashlight. This little bag can just sit in your carry on forever and you won’t have to think of this again.
Lastly, the best advice I ever received was simple. Take all the clothes you are considering and lay them out on the bed. Then take all the credit cards and money and spread it out on the pillow. Take half as many clothes and twice as much money. Enjoy!

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So very true…!