Google Pixel 8 Pro Time Zone issue

The calendar on my pixel phone seems to automatically adjust to daylight savings time. I haven’t found a way to turn it off, and I live in a state that DOES NOT observe daylight savings time.

In calendar month and editing view, the time is correct. In daily or schedule or any other view, it is not. Any idea how to correct the settings do that it does not ever apply daylight savings time?

It also did not list correct times when I edited the event time and/or days.

I had the same problem - I am in the Phoenix area. My phone and Samsung smartwatch sprung forward an hour, while my computer and all the manual clocks in the house stayed put. I discovered what looks like a new setting in Android (I have an Samsung S23+). I didn’t realize this until I noticed my laptop had a different time. Thought I had slept in!

Go into Settings and search for Date and time

Set time zone based on location should be turned on.

On my phone it was turned off by default so it thought I wanted Mountain Daylight Time, not Mountain Standard Time. I never had this problem before so I think it’s a new setting in the latest Android update.

Sorry to hear you have a Pixel 8. I have one and it’s the worst phone I’ve ever had.

I’m also in the Phoenix area. Most of my devices that deal with time give me the option to allow daylight savings time or not, and if it’s allowed, adjust appropriately.

I did finally find a Mountain Standard Time-Arizona time zone option, but I would swear I had looked for it when I was setting up the phone, and did not find it.

However, the problem is deeper than that. If I edit an event, it doesn’t seem to link correctly to the various calendar views, even though I saved it. Not just a daylight savings error, but an actual day or time error (Monday changed to Tuesday, 3:00 changed to 1:30, etc.). But if I try to edit the time or day that is shown, the edit screen is already correct.

I will probably find a different calendar app to use. I like the one on my old phone just fine.

It isn’t the worst, but if I knew then what I know now, I’d have gotten a Samsung.

My best phone ever was one that apparently most folks disliked. It was an Lg phablet.

I just noticed an appointment I put on my Google calendar (I have a Samsung S23+) was set up for Mountain Daylight Time. SMDH