Facebook Changes

I guess this could go to RIPOFFS or SCAMS forum, but since we don’t pay directly for Facebook, I left it here.

A few day ago I was one of the ‘select’ people who had their Facebook account navigation changed. We were not given a choice to try out the new version, just told it was a done deal. All of my normal navigation was changed to the left side of the screen on my desktop.

I hate that for a number of reasons.

  1. I am an I.T. professional and would NEVER think of forcing changes on my users like this. If they want to test changes, fine, but allow them to opt-in.

  2. If you make a change like this, allow the user to change back. Just because you want to test things, the user may not be able to adjust to the change (maybe their monitor adjustment chops off the navigation section, or they are left handed and can’t easily adjust to this change.

  3. Don’t assume because you don’t charge for a service that you can decide on your own how to run things. Without users willing to use your service, you are nothing!

  4. I am a power user and set up screens and notifications and adjust things so that I can move more quickly and even switch applications, working on multiple projects and browser screens at a time. This made an abrupt stop to my Facebook postings.

So I log in and the experience is completely different. I spend over 3 hours going to every menu multiple times and do many Google searches to see what has happened. Finally I see that I am not the only person selected for this disaster; there are others and the ones posting have nothing good to say about this change. No one that I have seen is posting that they like it.

So I have completely removed Facebook from my cellphone. They may have not changed it there but I am not even going to look because they have made me mad.

I have also stopped even checking in to Facebook and am not posting either. I am still doing Google searches to see if/when this is available to be reverted. It was bad enough when every 4th posting was an ad, but now I don’t see any ads.

Until Facebook changes, bye bye.

I tolerate Facebook, but I find it kind of funny…folks complain because Facebook either posts a fact check piece regarding a post, or the ban the poster temporarily or permanently for posting “misleading information”. But every day I get at least three advertisements about the $2400 I could get from Medicare or for other the Medicare food supplement card. Both of those are misleading, if not downright false. But there are not warnings that it’s a scam. I report them as false or misleading. I also report the ads for “dating sites” with foreign women. The ads show a quite attractive and sexy young girl, in their 20’s or early 30’s. I don’t use dating sites anymore, so I clicked on why I see the ad…it’s aimed at men over 40. That’s great, but the models they show are too young for a guy in his 40’s even. I report those as inappropriate. I guess the lesson is to become an advertiser and you can post whatever you want.

I am still not using Facebook, having only stopped in recently to look for someone.

Besides, I am not thrilled with what the Zuck has been doing to Hawaii, besides figuratively building a castle with a moat, screwing locals and irritating most locals on the island. Now… Over the last seven years, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan have purchased 1,500 acres worth of land on Hawaii’s island of Kauai. They now own more of the island than the government of Kauai itself (975 acres). The Zuckerberg’s have a 57,000 square foot single-family residence with a total of 25 bathrooms on their original Kilauea Kauai property. 25 bathrooms, because when you need to go, you shouldn’t have to walk far :slight_smile:

By the way, his house is slightly smaller than the White House and only 10 less bathrooms.