Anyone else frustrated with their Nest?

We’ve had a Nest for a few years. I’ve always felt like traditional digital programmable thermostats were better. Although I set it to pre-cool, and have the temperature reached at the desired time, it never can. It is set to reach 67 at 11:30 pm and today it still had not achieved that at nearly 5 AM. What gives? Has anyone else experienced this, gone back to their old thermostats, found a way to get it to work better?

It may be your AC and the weather rather than the thermostat.

I do not want my thermostats to react any earlier than the time I have a change programmed. I don’t care for the concept of how Nest works.

I always feel the Nest has a built in + or - a degree or two from what is set. In other words, a setting of 67 may mean it won’t run until the temp goes to 68 or 69. Is it possible that at 5AM it is just tweaking the temp back to the 67 setting?

I have a Nest running a two stage heat pump and AC in an entirely electric house. I’ve let it do it’s learning thing (with minor adjustments on my part) and there are pets in the house so it is set to maintain appropriate temps even when no humans are present. Since installing the Nest two or three years ago my electric bills have gone down by 30-50%. Needless to say I’ve been happy with it.

My electric plan has periods of high and low rates. I supercool, and have the thermostat set so it is extremely unlikely to power on the AC during high rate hours (85°), but during low rate hours, it is set as cold as I can stand it (68°). Even on our recent 119°days it hasn’t gone up past 79°. I save thousands each year since i began using this plan.

Ours works pretty well - it seems to guess more or less correctly.