Summer Thermostat Settings

So, Clark says he turns the thermostat down to 68 degrees at night. I completely don’t understand the rationale for this. I turn my thermostat up to 80 at night when I’m sleeping. When I’m laying still, not burning calories, my body is cooler, anyway. Turning the thermostat down to 68 seems like an egregious waste of energy.

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Probably doesn’t like to be warm when he’s sleeping. I suspect he’s not home most days, so it doesn’t matter that 78 is a little too warm for comfort, and that’s less demand on the electric grid during the hottest part of the day. Cool the house down a bit at night when it’s easier on the the electric grid, and sleep better!

I do a modified version of this…79 during the day, and about 76 at night.

We don’t have central AC and generally rely on opening the windows at night to cool down the house. Also have ceiling fans above the beds. On the few days a year it doesn’t cool down enough at night, we have a portable AC unit for the bedroom that I set to about 78.

I super cool, which means that i get the house quite cool during off peak periods and dont run the ac during on peak periods. Right now off peak (8pm to 2pm) I keep the house at 70. From 2pm to 8pm, the thermostats are set at 85. As it gets hotter, i will drop the 70 to 67 or 68.

78 during the day, 72 at night with a fan.

Scientific studies show that a cooler temperature is more conducive for sleep. Personally, I’m a hot sleeper and need the cooler temperature at night along with a fan.

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I’m retired and I’m out of the house until about 2 every day. My thermostat goes up to 82 after 8 a.m. It comes down to 78 at 5. IF I’m warm, I’ll bring it down earlier. Sometimes I will drop it to 75 at night, but for the most part it’s 78