Good idea to buy a USED electric toothbrush?

Is it a good idea to buy a used electric toothbrush? I ask because a new electric toothbrush can cost a pretty penny. If the answer to my initial question is “Yes,” then what would be a good used electric toothbrush to seek out?

A NEW electric toothbrush is not outageously expensive. A used one? Ick.


The expensive costs are the replacement heads not the initial toothbrush. See what they sell at Costco and get that one. That way once a year you buy replacement heads at a bargain - maybe 3x a year if you replace each head monthly

Electric toothbrushes are cheaper than a crown


On the Sonicare, the brush heads are good for 21,600 seconds of brushing if you don’t over pressure them. That’s 2 brushings a day at 120 seconds each for three months. So, you only have to replace the heads 4 times per year, but I usually push mine a little longer.


Most dentists I know recommend using the Oral B electric brush, they say the rotary action does a better job that the others. I’ve had one for years and get a card of the replacement heads from Costco when they are on sale. You can also find cheap knock-off replacement heads on the Internet.

Normally the brush costs $40 and you can get a card of 12 brush heads for $35-$40.

My wife likes the one with the built-in water pic.


I currently have a battery-powered Braun-branded toothbrush. I’ve had it for years. Do you think it’s OK to use the battery-powered Braun-branded toothbrush, H200h? It uses the same kind of heads that Oral-B electric toothbrushes use. If I’m not mistaken, it uses AA alkaline batteries.

I’m no expert on the subject but Amazon advertises these as compatible for both Braun and Oral B toothbrushes. I wouldn’t think the batteries would make a difference.

Many years ago I bought a “Fairywill Toothbrush” (similar to this one. I am still using it and even bought one for my Sister. It charges with a simple (special) usb cable.

I can highly recoomend it and the price is quite good. The charge lasts long. It has multiple steps and has a built in timer to encourage you and kids to brush longer. Here the cost is slightly above $20 but your mileage may differ

So I’ve used both a Sonicare and Oral B electric toothbrushes over the years.
I still had issues with tartar/plaque, recession, sensitivity.
I’ve always been a dedicated brusher/flosser, and it didn’t seem to help.

I happened on a video on You Tube, and I don’t usually follow health advice from YT, but the items were regular store items and I figured it can’t be worse than what I’ve been (faithfully) doing.

Dr. Ellie’s Complete Mouthcare System – you buy the items at your regular store (except the special toothbrush she recommends, on Amazon, but you can use a comparable one).
It uses Closys, Crest toothpaste, Listerine (cool mint) or for tartar use gold Listerine, and ACT. Look at the video to find the exact product of each because there are variations of Closys, Crest, Listerine, and ACT – get the exact ones she recommends. Also xylitol mints or gum for after meals, drinks, etc.

She lists on the videos what the steps are, and there’s also a downloadable sheet to help you remember.

I have been doing this system for almost 2 months, and I have to say I have really noticed a difference. I have no sensitivity at all. No tartar. I don’t need to floss. My teeth look whiter.
I’m totally amazed, and I’m going to continue through my next dental visit and see if the dentist notices anything.

Like I said, I’m usually cynical about such things, but this system has items that you would ordinarily purchase anyway (not any weird products or supplements), and it has worked better in 2 months than years of using electric toothbrushes.

Here are some links (youtube, website) if you’re interested:

How to Create Healthy Teeth

Tartar – bottom line, use gold Listerine (tastes like battery acid) instead of cool mint Listerine

Website links:
Complete Mouth Care System -
Oral Care Routine -

Download PDF with cheat sheet at the bottom: zellies-cmcsbooklet-2016-spreads.pdf (

For now, I’m finished with my electric toothbrushes… !!!

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Fascinating, thanks. I bought the kit so will see.

“What strange ingredients do modern toothpastes possess?
The strangest ingredient in some modern toothpastes is formaldehyde, which is the same substance used to preserve dead bodies. Formaldehyde was added to toothpaste to kill any bacteria that came in contact with the tube of toothpaste.”

Now they say flouride helps restore tooth enamal. They also say potassium nitrate (saltpeter) is for tooth sensitivity. (I wonder why they put it in the mashed potatoes then? :slight_smile:

To remove tarter and clean my teeth I used to wet the brush with peroxide and dip the bristles in baking soda and brush away. I had not been for a tooth cleaning in (hmmm years) and the dental hygenist asked me when I last had my teeth cleaned. I said it had been “a while” hoping she didn’t ask further. She told me it looked as though they had been done recently. Your mileage may differ.

When I was in the Navy we had a guy who would use peroxide as a mouthwash. I’ll have to admit, he had bright pearly white teeth. :slightly_smiling_face:

Clark’s deal newsletter had one for about 34 usd recently.

I looked at my toothpaste tube this morning… it said “with peroxide & baking soda”… :grin: :grimacing:

You will find that it is not quiet as effective as just using peroxide and baking soda on your own, but you are on your way with the toothpaste.

I tried all of that peroxide and baking soda – didn’t work for me!
I think people’s chemistry (acidity) can vary.

Glad it worked for you!

Um, is there a particular electric toothbrush that Clark Howard recommends?

Dr. Mark Burhenne has said the following:

Absolutely must avoid at all costs are knock-off bristles—these are bristles that are offered via Amazon and look like they’re from Oral-B or Philips Sonicare but, in fact, are not. When a manufacturer takes shortcuts, the result is low quality bristles with sharp or jagged edges which damage teeth.

Would you agree with him, H200h? Is Dr. Burhenne’s opinion suspect? Keep in mind that I’m on a fixed income.

I recommend you follow your own dentist’s advice.

I think Braun and Oral B are more less the same thing now days.
Oral-B became part of the Gillette group in 1984. **Braun, also part of the Gillette group at that time, started to use the Oral-B brand for electric toothbrushes.