Amazon Norelco Razor

Yesterday Afternoon, I ordered a Norelco Razor.
They said it would be delivered between 4AM and 8AM this morning… Really? Never saw this before.

It was there by 8AM. I have Prime but this is unbelievable.

The cost was $40… which I believe is less than the one I am replacing after about 10 years of use. BTW, I only bought a new razor because replaceable blades were not much cheaper.

I have had that happen a couple of times, mostly before the pandemic. I have a beard so I only need to shave my neck. I used to buy disposable razors, but I saw a Facebook ad for something called the Defender Razor and it addressed my biggest complaint…it was really hard to get the hairs out from between the blades. I bought it and tried it and it worked as promised. I get 4 blades every 2 months for $8, which is less than disposables.

But if the distribution center has them there, you can often get it the next (or in some rare cases - the same) day. I think electric razors are something that would be a more common purchase, so it’s likely that they had them in Atlanta.